1. Your beauty – So we’ve heard them say ‘beauty is only skin deep’, ‘beauty fades’, ‘a pretty face will only get you so far’ and this may well be true BUT beauty is also God-given, so why should it be slighted? Who does not love beautiful things? How many of us actually gush over unattractive movie stars? Do we ever get weak in the presence of ugly?

    Pardon my bluntness but do I not speak the truth here? Beauty is to be appreciated, especially if it’s your own! Flaunt your beautiful face, show off that beautiful body. Say ‘Thank you very much’ with the biggest smile on your face when complimented on your Hollywood looks. Own that room! If beauty fades than you might as well enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts. Be thankful for being the hottest friend. Enjoy being the first to be hit on everywhere you go. You are beautiful and you have the RIGHT to love every minute of it. OWN IT HOTNESS!

  2. Your family – You may not be a Smith, Obama, Coppola or a Kardashian but you are member of an awesome family and you should feel proud of that. Your family, however big or small, are the people you began life with and the people you’ll have at your side till the very end. They may not be the richest, smartest, funniest or coolest people on the planet but they are your blood. They are extensions and variations of you. You all represent each other. You’ve spent your worst and your best years together. You complete each other’s sentences and you know how much you mean to each other. Your family ROCKS! You should brag about the (your surname) because your family ROCKS!

  3. Your vocation – The world would be non-existent if we were all doctors and lawyers. Not forgetting boring as hell. We need every profession  to make this world go round. From the carpenter to the CEO. We need the painters, writers, actors, professors, bankers, politicians, waiters, mothers, tailors, architects etc to live normal lives. Each one of us makes a difference. We are all contributing to society in our own special way. What we do is important and that’s why we need to do it. No matter how rare or low-paying our profession, someone is benefiting from the work we do and that counts for ALOT. Our efforts never go wasted. So OWN that vocation because you are good enough to do it!
  4. Your personality – You have friends don’t you? There are people who laugh at your jokes and find you interesting yes? So you’ve got a great personality then! Don’t mistake being outgoing and sociable as having a good personality and being otherwise as having a bad personality. Your personality is essentially the embodiment of all your qualities which make you unique. You will attract some people and repel others because your personalities don’t mash, not because you lack a personality. Whether you’re funny, smart, strong and silent, gregarious, dark and mysterious, loud or soft and sweet, it’s your personality to have and to OWN!
  5. Your weaknesses – I’m claustrophobic. Put me in a tiny room and I lose my shit. But I’m also the first to jump at a chance to go skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding and  zip lining. I am terrified around intellectuals but put me in a room full of artistes and I could have them eating out of my hands if I wanted to. Our weaknesses make us who we are. Our weaknesses set us apart as much as our strengths do. There’s no shame in having a weakness, only in not acknowledging one. Being brave enough to say your afraid of something is true courage. You should never expect yourself to be 100% fearless because that would make you scary and superhuman. You are a human being and you are bound to have weaknesses. OWN THEM!
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