1. People who do not LIKE our Facebook posts–  Think about it this way. Sometimes people like what we have to say and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes people like how we look and sometimes they don’t.

    Sometimes people think we’re funny and sometimes they don’t. Some people love us, some like us, some feel indifferent towards us and some don’t even know we exist. Say la vie! At the end of the day, we will always have a group of close friends who’ve got our backs and family members who will love and support us till the very end. Facebook likes only reflect how some people choose to interact with us on a social networking website, period. Our worth is not determined by who likes what we eat, where we’ve been, what movies and music we appreciate and what we have to say about the weather and Donald Trump. 

  2. People who do not comment on our Facebook posts – When it comes to who comments on our posts and who doesn’t, we must bear in mind  that some people have strong opinions, some are afraid to air their opinions and some don’t have an opinion. People have good and bad days and that will affect what they say and how they say it. People can be inconsistent and unpredictable. One minute their all over your wall and the next, they’re putting up walls. The next person’s Facebook behaviour is not ours to judge or punish them for. Doing so would make us narcissistic and self-righteous. Not everyone has the time or courage to comment on our posts. Do you always feel confident enough to comment on another person’s posts? So why expect it from others? In the grand scheme of things, Facebook is just a platform for us to share our opinions and lives with the world. Keep doing what you do, the way you like to do it and stop paying attention to who’s paying attention. Save yourself the unnecessary hassle. It’s just Facebook for God’s sake!
  3. People who do not invite us to things – It’s their event not yours. They get to decide who they want present. The more special the occasion, the closer you’d have to be to get invited, so take that into account as well. Be realistic about how far up or down the invitation list you are before you get pissed for not receiving that call, card or sms. Then there’s group dynamics to consider; who can or cannot be put in the same room together. Sometimes people don’t invite us to save us from the boredom or awkwardness they fear we may feel if we  go. Sometimes they don’t invite us because they are human and they genuinely forget! At the end of the day we will always have somewhere else to be and something else to do. Not being invited means we can utilise that time to watch that movie, cook that dish, read that book or get to bed earlier. In hindsight, it’s not all bad. It’s just an invite for heaven’s sake!
  4. People who do not return our calls or reply to our sms’s promptly – We are not everyone’s top priority and that’s just how it is. Also, not everyone sees the need in returning a call or replying to an sms promptly unless it’s deemed urgent. Some people feel that these things can wait and truth be told, they usually can. It’s rare that our call or sms has to do with a death in the family or a chronic illness we just got diagnosed with. Hence, we CAN afford to be more patient and understanding when it comes to the next person’s response time. And even if we never hear back from the other party, life will go on. Morning will come and we will begin a new day with so much to look forward to and one less person on our contact list to invest time in.
  5. People who don’t say thank you – When we do something good for someone, we should never expect anything in return because sometimes NOTHING is what we get and that is perfectly ok. Why? Because we get to go to bed with a clear conscience. We have done a good deed and we should feel proud of ourselves. Not receiving a thank you does not discount the favour in any way. It just shows us that gratitude is not necessarily present in all of us. We should feel sorry for those who do not know how to be thankful, not angry with them. Without gratitude life is pretty much meaningless. 
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