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Listen to your HEART

We listen to all the ‘noise’ we hear from the outside everyday. Whether we realise it or not, we listen to the books we read, the friends we talk to, the movies and videos we watch, the ads we stumble upon and the news. We may block some of it out, but we get influenced to a small or large extent depending on where we are in life and THAT is the biggest irony because the ONE thing we should listen to more than anything else is our heart.

#BeTheFinestPerson – 5 things about yourself to you need to OWN this 2017

  1. Your beauty – So we’ve heard them say ‘beauty is only skin deep’, ‘beauty fades’, ‘a pretty face will only get you so far’ and this may well be true BUT beauty is also God-given, so why should it be slighted? Who does not love beautiful things? How many of us actually gush over unattractive movie stars? Do we ever get weak in the presence of ugly?