As we welcome 2017, we tend to think most about the things we did or did not do in 2016. We can’t stop ourselves from making new year’s resolutions even if we no longer believe in them. There’s too much to pursue and accomplish going forward and time is of the essence. We must bring ourselves a million steps closer to our dreams. If so many others have done so, why can’t we? Why is it taking us so long to achieve our goals and be truly happy with who we are and where we are?

The reason why we are never ‘quite there yet’ is because we lack the most powerful supplement of all; Vitamin F (Forgiveness). We do not have enough vitamin F in our system to propel us towards our version of success. I am referring to the most crucial type of forgiveness, forgiving ourselves. While it’s necessary to work on the person we present to the world (our outer self), we underestimate the importance of aligning our inner self with the outer self. Without an alignment, we will always be fighting our way, as opposed to making our way to our desired outcome. It takes time and energy to hold on to resentments. It disrupts our peace of mind and holds us back from performing at our peak each day. Money can’t buy happiness for a reason. Acquiring all the fame and fortune in the world will never be enough if we don’t believe we are enough. As long as we hold on to the jobs we lost, the tests we failed, the scenes we caused, the opportunities we missed out, we will continue to second guess our potential and stumble more than we should.

Forgiving ourselves means loving ourselves. It means we accept the person that we are and let go of the person we were. It means we free our minds and hearts from self-doubt and make space for self improvement. There is nothing to lose except discord when stop grieving over past sins. The guilt and shame we hold on to, work as barriers, slowing us down whether we know it or not. We don’t need that kind of baggage. What we need is to make our journey as comfortable and smooth as we can and the best way to do so is to accept that we are human, that we’ve made mistakes, that we have character defects and that we will never be perfect. All we can aim to be is the best version of ourselves. The only way we can achieve this is by forgiving ourselves wholeheartedly. Remove regret and replace it with love and kindness instead. Say to yourself, “I forgive you (YOUR NAME). I know you never ever meant to hurt me. I choose to love you unconditionally from now on and provide you with all the strength and support you need as we embark on the next chapter of our lives. I am your best friend and I will always believe in you no matter what comes our way.”

Remember to have as many doses of vitamin F as you need to gain optimal HEALTH & WEALTH. Out with the old and IN with the NEW. Happy New Year!

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