My unforgettable facial at Sugar Beauty lounge at Mall of the Emirates, was one of those facials, which had been a long time coming. I just got back from visiting my sister in Doha and for the first time in ages, I had fallen asleep with my makeup on, for no good reason except the fact that I was too exhausted to get up and wash my face after dozing off towards the end of her birthday party celebration.

My husband and I flew in from Dubai that weekend and I was beat halfway through the party. When we got back to Dubai, I realized that the last time I had a facial was at least 2 months prior and that it was certainly time for another. Being a part-time resident of this beautiful city, I hadn’t a clue where to go. A friend of mine who lives here, recommended her aesthetician friend to me but unfortunately I couldn’t make the one slot she had available. So I got on my laptop and googled away till Sugar Beauty Lounge caught my eye for many reasons, the biggest one being that it was located at the Mall of the Emirates which is the closest mall to where I reside. I also like that I can shop and have a meal before or after my facial and it looked like impressive from the pictures I saw online. Being as impulsive as I am, I went to the mall and booked my slot the day after we got back. It was effortless. My appointment was set for 5pm but they were kind enough to allow me to push it forward by a half hour because I completed my shopping spree sooner than expected.

Sugar Beauty Spa is not your usual ‘dim-lit, warm lights, smelling of essential oils, with the sound of water playing in the background’ type of spa. It is more like a bright-lit clinic, equipped with all the ‘instruments’ necessary for your prospective treatment. As soon as you step in and get changed, the aesthetician comes in, shines the brightest light on you and gets started. You could compare it to a surgeon who gets right to it as soon as you’re wheeled into the operating theatre, knowing exactly where to start and when to finish. My favourite part of a facial was when she started extracting that entire gunk from my face. I swear I have never experienced such thoroughness from any other aesthetician in my life. She was picking and squeezing like her life depended on my face being blackhead-free. This was followed by 3 masques, simple massages and moisturises at the end. All in all, it was THE best facial I have ever had. I walked out feeling like the woman with the cleanest face on the planet. I highly recommend Sugar Beauty Lounge to anyone who needs a facial in Dubai.

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