Am I a massage person? Yes, now that I’ve tried out the most effective one; the Womb Care Meridian Point Therapy by Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa. Thanks to AT Marketing Consultancy, I was given a free trial so I decided to return the favour by giving you a sneak peek at my wonderful experience.
If I could describe it in three words, they would be rejuvenating, calming and addictive. The moment I stepped out of that parlour, I just knew it was not going to be my last time there. From the warm service staff, to the cosy environment, I had to keep going back.

The reason I picked the Womb Care Meridian Point Therapy is because I am a woman and I plan to have more kids, better skin and endure less pain during my period. Not only that, but I’ve had women very close to me suffer from endometriosis which causes fibroids, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), painful sex and more. It dawned on me how incredibly important having a healthy womb is. It’s what makes at WOMEN! So off I went to try it out and here’s a preview of what happened.

Below some information on why the Womb Care Therapy:

Suitable for those with irregular menstrual cycles, ‘cold qi’ in the womb and low libido, this massage focuses on improving women’s health (using 100% phyto ingrdients). This will boost the functions of the female reproductive system and its immunity against common female ailments; it helps to alleviate symptoms of irrefularities of the menstrual cycle, menstrual flow and other frustrations you might have.

Regardlesss of your age, womb care should always be extremely important as it is directly linked to hormonal issues. This means that womb care is extremely crucial in maintaining a good skin complexion as well!

This is essential for all ladies who desire a non-invasive and non-medical appraoch to women’s health. A course of treatments is recommended to maximise the effects.

Major meridians treated: Conception vessel, spleen, kidney, stomach, liver.
TCM Womb Care Therapy

This treatment can be coupled with our hot favourite, TCM Tummy Bo Jin Therapy to enjoy slimming benefits as well! Highly recommended amongst our TCM series, this is effective for women of all ages and walks of life.

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