The Braun All-Terrain Ironing Challenge held at IMM last weekend, drew large crowds, as it should have. I had the privilege of hosting the super exciting challenge, while learning about the BEST iron in the market; the
Braun TexStyle 7 Steam Iron. From my own personal experience, this iron is the ‘magical mother’ of all irons because it can not only irons over denim, cotton and wool easily, but prints and lace as well! The powerful steam allows for you to remove creases in curtains and garments, and the premium sapphire soleplate makes gliding over all your clothing items smooth and effortless. Holding the iron is easy and comfortable, thanks to the soft ergonomic handle and last but not least, the precision tip which helps you get to those tricky areas you never could before.

I think I’ve said enough. The good news is this Star buy TS 775 TP is now being sold at $30 off! Grab it quick before promotion ends on Dec 18th. It’ll make a great Christmas gift for anyone including yourself.

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