We listen to all the ‘noise’ we hear from the outside everyday. Whether we realise it or not, we listen to the books we read, the friends we talk to, the movies and videos we watch, the ads we stumble upon and the news. We may block some of it out, but we get influenced to a small or large extent depending on where we are in life and THAT is the biggest irony because the ONE thing we should listen to more than anything else is our heart.

You heard me. THE HEART IS JUST SO SMART but we underestimate its intelligence. We look at our past relationships and career choices and we lose trust in that pumping organ strategically placed right in the center of our anatomy. Let’s get one thing straight, the heart is not just an organ, it is our LIFE! Every beat represents an extra second of us living, breathing, talking, laughing, crying, loving and hating; feeling excited, scared, hopeful, disappointed or plain numb. How do these wave of emotions take over us month to month, day to day, hour to hour or second to second? That’s our heart talking to us and we need to open our emotional ears and start giving it the attention it rightfully deserves.

Last night my son was contemplating replying to a text. He couldn’t decide if it should be casual or heartfelt one. He said it kept him feeling anxious. My advise to him was to listen to his heart while still remaining respectful and kind and that gave him the best idea of what he wanted to say or not say. The reason we doubt ourselves so often is because we’ve made bad decisions in the past. Decisions which led to heartbreak and disappointment even suicidal thoughts and chronic depression for some. The reason for that is, we weren’t really listen to what we wanted most for ourselves. We took suggestions, heeded advise (nothing wrong with that), but we did not sit quietly with ourselves and ask ourselves what it is WE really wanted or needed. What would make us feel safe, good, respected and admired? What decisions would allow us to go to bed at night with peace of mind and wake up erupting with enthusiasm? What decision would leave us with nothing to explain to OURSELVES.

Having to explaining yourself to yourself is dreadful and embarrassing. Remember all the times you were alone, or drunk or in tears and you asked yourself, ‘How did I get here?, What came over me?, What was I thinking?, Was I thinking at all?, Why did I give in?, Why did I give up?’ Aren’t those the hardest questions to answer but the ones you have the SAME answer to? You weren’t listening to your heart. You were listening to everything else but.

Now, if you want to start feel complete, you need to start listening to your heart. You need to trust your instincts. You need to rise above all that noise and be certain about what you want to feel in all your relationships and you want to feel in all situations, work or personal. This is not fluff. This is science. Start listening to your 

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