I just got back from I consider the best trip one could have to Paris. I did go to Paris for my honeymoon and it was the most romantic thing I’d ever done with my husband but this trip was not about me discovering Paris, it was more about me LIVING Paris.

I was there with a group of close friends and we took on Paris ‘Blair and Serena’ style, savoring every flavour the city could offer. From smoking cigars to eating to strip clubs to more eating and of course strolling the broad, tree-shaded avenue lined with luxury shops; the Champs-Élysées. We stayed at the Drawing hotel located in the heart of Paris, steps away from the Comédie-Française theater, the Louvre, and the Museum of Decorative Arts, as well as near Opera Garnier and some of Paris’s best shopping. I felt like a Parisian by the end of our trip and here are some ways you could too.

When in Paris:

1. Enjoy a pot of hot chocolate at Angelina.

It’s the first time drinking a cup of hot chocolate felt like eating a bar of hot chocolate. It does not taste like a beverage. It is so thick and creamy that you can’t decide whether you’re drinking or eating from the cup.

The hot chocolate in the old style, called “l’Africain”, is made up of three cacao from African origins: Niger, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, selected by us. It is specially assembled for Angelina and the recipe remains secret.
The combination of these cocoas of different origins and terroirs gives the hot chocolate Angelina this taste and this exceptional character. One sip is enough to keep you happy and satisfied all day.

2. Finish a box of Ladurée Macarons

A box of 12 will be gone in 2 days unless you’ve lost your appetite completely. That’s how irresistible these macarons are. They’re chewy, soft, sweet and with just the right amount of crunch. Each flavour is mouth-watering and lasts FOREVER.

3. Go for a Crazy Horse show

The girls may enjoy this one even more than the boys. The dancers are naturally flawless, the performances are captivating and leave you pining for more, more, more! The ambience is sexy as hell and you will have crazy sex with your partner on the same night. That’s how sexy it all is 😉

It’s the quintessence of the cabaret’s most dazzling iconic acts. The show integrates the most legendary creations of Crazy Horse Paris into a single space-time, keeping the spotlight on the creativity and the impertinence. It’s a real wind of freedom and freshness sweeping through the Crazy – just strong enough to spice up the numbers without removing emotion.

The Crazy Girls hail from over 10 different countries, amongst which France, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, England, Spain, Russia and the United States…

Each dancer has approximately six pairs of made-to-order shoes. All the costumes are also custom-made for each dancer by the dexterous little hands working for the Crazy Horse Paris costume department: it takes about one whole week for a couturier to make a single costume.

Each year the Crazy Girls go through: 2500 pairs of stockings, 500 liters of makeup and 300 specially made “Crazy Red” lipsticks.

4. Enjoy a drink at Hemingway Bar at Ritz

‘I’m right here with Hemingway!’ is how I felt stepping into the richly wood-panelled bar. It screams nostalgia and class. There’s a sense of mystery seeping through the air. Maybe that explains the magnificent cocktails and mocktails whipped up by the bartenders and the inability to get a table as soon as the doors are opened. Everyone wants a piece of Hemingway and right here is where you get the best one.

Bar Hemingway was the favourite bar of Ernest Hemingway and is said by some to be the birthplace of the Bloody Mary cocktail which was invented for him. ‘walls are adorned with photos of authors he admired, boxes of fly-tying paraphernalia and a framed pack of his Lucky Strike cigarettes. Even the menu is printed like a newspaper, the aptly named Hemingway Star – which lists over twenty original cocktails, all with a backstory. From the Picasso Martini (a badass dry martini with a frozen cube of vermouth) to the French 75, these are as old-school as it gets.’ –




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