Fung Kee Hotdogs

Where do you go to get a heavenly hotdog in Singapore? Fung Kee Hotdogs is the right answer! My food dream has always been to own hot dog stands all across the island because I love hotdogs (who doesn’t) THAT MUCH! Part of my dream came true when a group of friends introduced me to Fung Kee Hotdogs located at Duxton Road. I was still full from  the delicious dinner we had at Tie Fun Wan but there’s no saying no to hotdogs in my world. I ordered the Classic with mustard and ketchup and it was GONE in 10 seconds. If there was even a tiny space left in my belly, I would have gone for the Swiss Cheese and the Vegan with zero hesitation.

A Must Try!

How did it all start?
After the successful opening of Fung Kee Hotdogs Orchard Towers in September 2018, the team has also hosted various pop ups around Singapore such as Zoukout, Gin Lane, Lulu’s Lounge and SEA Focus.
Founder Knut Randhem has spent six months carefully developing the brand. Giving his Scandinavian background, the concept showcases a strong influence from Scandinavian’s hotdog culture: “I’ve been missing a place for quality hotdogs done simply, but that are delicious, and with a great beverage offering,” says Knut. “Obviously with my bar and spirits background, I wanted to add a good beverage program to the menu. So we are serving a range of cocktails, good quality beers, and champagnes to accompany the dogs.” Choosing Duxton Road as the location for the second venue was to complement the existing dining and after work hotspot. Whether it is before dinner, between bar hops, after shift or post workout, Fung Kee makes a fitted pitstop.

The Menu
Each outlet offers the standard Fung Kee Menu which includes three kinds of sausages, all specially handcrafted for Fung Kee:
A Classic Pork sausage, made from premium pork.
The Swiss Cheese option is pork based, flavored with selected swiss cheese. A Vegan sausage is made from grilled mushroom and soy.
All are served in a toasted bun with in-house made sauces, including the classic Danish Remoulade (curry mayonaise with pickles), Hej Bee chili with crispy shrimp bits, a secret sauce, and finished off with either crispy onions or pickles.

Not without a drink!
The beverage program includes champagne by the glass ($18), house Negroni ($14), beers ($10), and a selection of house spirits. For high rollers, there is also Dom Perignon Champagne at $298.
New to Fung Kee Duxton is a special ‘Catch-22’ after dark menu. All items are $22 nett and the menu includes a Cheese Fondue and 4 well crafted classic cocktails with an option of an Akvavit Switch for additional $3Weekly Happenings at Fung Kee Duxton!

Tuesday: Not-So-Meatless Tuesday: Beer + Dog Deal for only $15 nett!
Thursday: Thirsty Thursday: Bring your own shot glass and exchange it for a shot of Fernet
Happy Hour (Mon-Fri)
5pm – 7pm $8 beers and $8 wine


Opening Hours:
Mon-Tues 5pm till 12mn
Weds-Fri 12noon till 12mn
Sat 5pm till 12mn

What’s With The Fung Kee Name?
The name is a symbol of Western and Asian hegemony: A Scandinavian hotdog place in Asia, with an edge. The name 豐記 (Fung Kee) means prosperity.

Fung Kee Hotdogs
68 Duxton Road
#01-02 Singapore 089527

Stay Fung Kee!
Instagram: @fungkeehotdogs
Facebook: fungkeehotdogs

KnowMe 2018 – Get to Know Rare Disorders Society of Singapore (RDSS) with iROO

It was one the rarest moments in my life; meeting with the families of RDSS opened my eyes to a world ALL of us should learn more about and certainly become involved in. I was in awe of the strength and resilience these family members displayed. Our daily struggles are nowhere close to theirs, yet all I saw was hope, tenacity and fulfilment on each of their faces. It’s experiences like these that give me a whole new perspective on what’s important and what’s not. And this is why I choose to be part of the iROO/RDSS KnowMe2018 Campaign Drive.

Why Support this Cause?

RDSS members are faced with several issues such as insults and criticism hurled at them or people simply avoiding them believing that patients with rare diseases are contagious etc. Only when the members from RDSS get together do they feel stronger and motivated by each other. Can you imagine being on the receiving end of such negativity all because people don’t know enough? Isn’t that sad and frustrating to say the least? This is why spreading the word and  learning as much as we can about rare disorders and doing what we can to raise awareness is so critical. We can grow and see change only when we do our part to make it happen. 

Only $6.80 for a great cause at iROO stores islandwide
iROO Limited Edition ‘Know Me’ Charity T-shirt

Want to play your part and fun have doing it?
An outing to the Jurong Bird Park will be held on 5 May also to honour all mothers from RDSS families in conjunction with Mother’s Day.  The nett proceeds from the sale of the Charity T-shirts will also be officially donated to RDSS on this day.  The media is invited to join us for this closing event. Do come!

About RDSS
The Rare Disorders Society (Singapore) is currently the only organisation focusing and supporting only on rare disease patients in Singapore. Unlike other charities that focus on specific disease group or made rare genetic disease as one of the supported group, RDSS accepts and supports ALL patients currently diagnosed with rare diseases, including those undiagnosed cases.

There’s so much good work to be done and tons of fun to be had doing it. We hope you come onboard, lend a hand and learn while you’re at it!

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