Going nuts over Nutella Crepes @Eataly, Dubai Mall

Screw comfort food and give me SEXY FOOD instead! I’ve had a sweet tooth since the day I was conceived. Chocolate in any form makes me come a little bit in my underwear. The thing about the Nutella spread is its unique taste. If you’ve tired it, you’ll know that the moment the taste of Nutella hits your tongue, it evokes all sorts of feelings, from nostalgia to naughty.

Listen to your HEART

We listen to all the ‘noise’ we hear from the outside everyday. Whether we realise it or not, we listen to the books we read, the friends we talk to, the movies and videos we watch, the ads we stumble upon and the news. We may block some of it out, but we get influenced to a small or large extent depending on where we are in life and THAT is the biggest irony because the ONE thing we should listen to more than anything else is our heart.

Joe & The Juice – Got me wanting more!

It was right there waiting for me, both the TUNACADO sandwich and the best Cup of Joe. There I was having one of my usual days, with twenty million things to do and never knowing where to start, but ALWAYS ready for a cup of coffee. I arrived at ION Orchard asking myself where could I find something healthy and delicious and where would I like best to enjoy it.