Colourism is not racism because it also exists within racial groups. Colourism is simply the preference for lighter skin tones or the prejudice against darker skin tones. It is important for us to understand the impact of Colourism is because it creates an unnecessary divide and promotes unsubstantial beauty standards; its effects can permeate every aspect of our lives. There is no science behind Colourism. The notion that the lighter skin tone the better is one we have been conditioned to believe and continue to perpetuate without any real understanding of the ‘Why’. Colourism basically means that Meryl Streep is by default more attractive than Beyonce because she has lighter skin.

‘Dark BUT pretty’ is often used when we describe darker-skinned women yet ‘Fair BUT pretty’ is unheard of. Why is this the case?

How Colourism works is not what’s important. The harmful effects it has on an individual is. Being a dark-skinned female, I was on the receiving end of Colourism since I was a little girl. It affected my self-esteem and how I interacted with others, especially girls with lighter skin. They seemed immediately superior to me and I shrunk in their presence. This was one of the many ways Colourism prevented me from being my best self. I never saw myself as good enough for that guy or that opportunity. It took me many years to overcome some of these mental obstacles. Colourism limited me and fighting it has been an uphill battle from the moment I was made to feel uncomfortable in my own skin.

While I am less affected by Colourism these days, I will admit that the scars never completely heal and that insecure dark-skinned little girl creeps up on me every now and then. This is why it is so important to keep shedding light on this awful prejudice until it no longer poses a threat to its victims.

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