Putting people in the right boxes

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this lately. I think with more life experiences, come more questions. As you see how friendships are forged and how they fall apart, it really makes you start to wonder who you are to all the people in your life and who they are to you.

Coming Up!

I speak to local artistes about their ups and downs, mostly downs, when it comes to getting equal opportunities in an industry (TV & Film) which tends to favour a certain look, type, background… Check in soon to hear what they have to say on #SUPRISEMESINGAPORE

Natural Healings

For patients suffering from subluxation (the medical term which refers to a misalignment of the spine), Natural Healings practices a non-surgical, non-medicinal approach towards spinal correction.

Manisha Gandhi knows her FURNITURE

Born and brought up in a multi cultural environment, Manisha Gandhi is half Mallu, half gujju, married into a UP family with two little girls. Manisha got married right after B school and as most of us, aspired to live the big corporate life. She worked for a couple of years but realised that it did not fulfil her.

Kim the Career Woman

As I sat at the restaurant waiting for Kim, I knew at once who she was, even before eye contact was made. Unlike many successful, dynamic and altruistic women I knew, Kim Underhill has no airs. When she sat down and began to speak, I immediately felt at ease because of the humility and confidence she exuded. It became clear why Kim Underhill is a force to be reckoned with.

Ten Questions with Mr David King, Founder of Ministry of Empowerment (MOE)

  1. Where did the courage to start Ministry of Empowerment (MOE) come from?

Multiple factors influenced my decision to start Ministry of Empowerment (MOE). It wasn’t just the guts to take a risk, my entrepreneurial spirit also made running my own company easier.

Q Communications – A Quality Execution Brand

Disciplined, enlightened, hopeful were three words I used to describe ShuQi, a highly driven 26 year old founder of Q Communications, an independent branding and communications boutique agency which could very well be the next Ogilvy.