For patients suffering from subluxation (the medical term which refers to a misalignment of the spine), Natural Healings practices a non-surgical, non-medicinal approach towards spinal correction.

There are three distinct curves in the spinal column. Most importantly, the spine connects the brain to every part of the body by sending signals through the spinal cord. These signals are transported to different nerve systems that cause bodily sensations like numbness, tingling, heat and so on.

Here at Natural Healings, we analyse the spine to see if there is adequate room for the nerves to avoid suppression, causing tension on them. This is done by looking for stress spots on the spine which changed its natural curves caused by bad trauma, postures and falls. This distorts the function between the brain and the body, which is not how it should be.

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I spoke with Dr Micaiah Meuer of Nautral Healings, who furnished with the fundamentals of chiropractic practice. His thoroughness in explaining the holistic approach Natural Healings takes and his field of work, left me with no questions or doubts as to how effective this form of treatment is to prevent, as well as heal most of our physical ailments and lead the best quality of life.

How big a part does diet help in spinal health?

Diet has everything to do with nutrition for the spine. Often, patients walk away without knowing what they should eat which leads to inconsistent spinal care. In my professional capacity, I can do enough to get the spine back to where it needs to be. But more than anything else, patients must be proactive about maintaining a healthy diet.

How do you ensure that the public is well-informed about spinal health?

By offering patients seminar briefings every month and covering a different subject matter each time, we go through exactly what needs adjusting in their lives. From standing, seating and sleeping postures to exercise and diet, we try to cover every lifestyle aspect so no one leaves uncertain about what individuals can do to maintain the level of health required. Regardless of your age and gender, you can practise regular exercise and nutrition tailored to benefit the uniqueness of our bodies.

Is there anyone else in the health industry adopting your approach?

As far as we know, no one else in Asia has integrated musculoskeletal disciplines like Natural Healings. This is because we have in-house physiotherapists who are trained in the muscles and tendons, as well as rehabilitation methods associated with what we do. This can help patients retrain the muscles’ psychology and identify nerve patterns of every treated individual.

Together, how do chiropractors and physiotherapists help patients?

Chiropractors specialize in manually manipulating the nerve and bone connections in our bodies in order to restore spinal misalignment. On the other hand, physiotherapists help patients stabilize treatment areas by retraining and strengthening the muscles.

Both medical experts complement each other, which is ideal for optimum results at Natural Healings.

In what order do patients usually get treated at Natural Healings?

At Natural Healings, we first focus on mobility then stabilization.

To better illustrate, let’s look at the kinetic, or movement chain. If a patient has one leg shorter than the other, it’s typically not that he was born that way. It is because the pelvis, which moves every time we move, is really tight. So when ligaments and tendons around the bones get stuck, mobility then stabilization is needed to strengthen the pelvis. Similar to a building with weak structure, we get patients out of pain and help them maintain the new posture.

In another example, patients who go back and visit a health practitioner over and over again after getting acupuncture or TCM will always complain about a persistent ache because their structure is probably off. That’s a clear case of instability.

Furthermore, if we don’t have strong gluteal or core muscles to hold our postures, we will repeatedly experience pains from the amount of pressure we put on our spines. So we have to gauge where patients are on the spinal spectrum and associate that with different treatments.

For someone like me who suffers from fatigue and mild joint pain, how can I rectify that?

Joint pains can be rectified through classical conditioning, which is basically repetition. You can’t ever blame a joint for the pain because all they do is open and close. If you don’t stabilize your joints with weight bearing exercises, you will never have that overall stabilization.

In addition, bone growth is best assisted with weight bearing exercises, especially for women who tend to be osteoporotic in their later years. If you don’t put stress on the bones, they can’t get stronger. So retraining the process has to come into play. What I would do is give you simple exercises to be active in whatever capacity you want to be, which relieves joint pains.

What about fatigue, is there anything I can do in the ‘recovery’ process?

First, we encourage patients to start a food and energy journal to figure out a common theme, then start changing daily routines for at least two weeks. It could just be that blood sugar levels are going up and down. In your case, thyroid levels might be playing up. So you need to work around that through weight bearing exercises and dietary changes.

To highlight, all of us are somewhat susceptible to pains and low energy levels, hence diet is key. Because inflammation like external toxins and physical stress are so common, anti-inflammatory diets are essential for joint pains, especially fruits and vegetables with a lot of colour.

I also suffer from mild headaches occasionally, what would you say causes that?

It depends on what type of headaches you suffer from.

Migraines, or short bursting headaches, are hereditary-linked and typically triggered by caffeine and sugar levels.

Tension headaches are a different beast. They are caused by bad posture and stress which moves up to the neck, start to build up, and stay for a longer period.

If I were a first-time patient at Natural Healings, how will I be treated?

We would first see what your movement patterns look like from head to toe. This is done by taking a posture photo which is the window to your spine, and see how you are positioned. We will then make a recommendation for you based on the information we have. Sometimes, we might need more information like an X-ray.

If we find any stiffness, we will adjust them accordingly. This would result in your body having increased motion which it is not used to. Bear in mind that the lack of motion and nerve compression changes the way the brain functions with the rest of the body. So when we make adjustments, sometimes you get feelings like euphoria because the brain starts receiving more information when it starts connecting better with the body.

This is why every single professionally renowned athlete in the world has a chiropractor. Putting nerves back in place can help with heart, digestive and liver functions, which contributes to their overall sporting performance.

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