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Get Yourself into Alignment with Anita Ghosal - International Coach And Speaker - Cassandra Rudge

Get Yourself into Alignment with Anita Ghosal – International Coach And Speaker

Find out what your Female Archetype is Now!
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International Coach & Speaker

Imagine being liberated from the need for external validation and approval?

Meet Anita

I know it would be pretty amazing and yes, sassy diva’s, it is possible and it is the most freeing way to live. This is what I do for the women I work with.

Now, I did not always know that over the course of my life I would experienced guilt, self-doubt, hurt, anxiety, anger, lack of confidence, drama, feeling lost, rejection and being misunderstood.

I lost my Dad to suicide when I was 17, been divorced twice and now remarried, raised as UK born Indian where being myself was not an option – there were serious expectations to live up to. I had a tough upbringing with a mother that was certainly not going to win mother of the year award, where I experienced abuse and general madness.

In-spite of this, I was hugely successful on paper – degree, post grad, 18 years in the corporate world getting to the top of the ladder as a Marketing Director, then realising I felt empty, as if I had climbed the wrong ladder. I realised the ladder I had climbed was not mine. I have used these experiences to LIBERATE myself in every way. By using them as my rocket fuel to travel the world, find my true self, live abroad, start my own heart led successful business, claiming and owning myself in ways I never knew possible – without apology.

What is your female archetype? Do the test and find out.

Find out what your personality needs to feel fulfilled! Let Anita tell you all about it! Watch this!

Connect with Anita here;

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