The best gift you can give yourself this holiday is the power to FORGIVE. Forgive everyone for everything, yourself included. Why? Because even one resentment, is one too many.

Our happiness is of utmost importance. If we are not in pursuit of happiness, we are merely existing, not living. The only way to pursue happiness is to relinquish pain. There is no way to live a life without pain but there is certainly a way to live one with minimal pain and that way is through forgiveness.

What is the point of It is never a good idea to accept a bad feeling. There are no benefits bearing a grudge or focusing on the wrongs done to you. People are clueless. People are crazy. People can be mean and self-righteous. People can hurt us without even realising it. They can be cross with us for no purpose at all. But these behaviours are theirs to live with not ours. We do not have to carry that baggage. We already have ourselves to work on, why would devote time and energy to another mortal unworthy of occupying space in our hearts or on our minds.

We think about forgiveness we think about not letting the other party off so easily. Therein lies the problem. We allow our pride to stand in the way of our own happiness. We are blinded by the who and what that we don’t see WHY it is crucial to  do an Elsa and just ‘LET IT GO! LET IT GO!’

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