Screw comfort food and give me SEXY FOOD instead! I’ve had a sweet tooth since the day I was conceived. Chocolate in any form makes me come a little bit in my underwear. The thing about the Nutella spread is its unique taste. If you’ve tired it, you’ll know that the moment the taste of Nutella hits your tongue, it evokes all sorts of feelings, from nostalgia to naughty.

Traveling to Dubai every month and being left to my own devices all day has given me the freedom to indulge my taste buds. I get to live the semi-taitai life while my husband’s slogging away at work. My first love is food and my second is clothes. So naturally the thing I do most when I’m in Dubai is eat, eat, eat…

I’ve practically eaten the entire city by now and while I don’t like having the same thing twice, I go back for the Nutella Crepes in Eataly every other day. Sitting in Eataly while waiting for my crepe to arrive is always a thrill. Sometimes I watch them prepare it just to make eating it more meaningful. My smile gets a little wider the moment the batter hits the pan but nothing excites me quite as much as watching the ‘crepeist’ spread LARGE scoops of Nutella evenly over the crepe. It’s always a pleasure to see that amount love and generosity put into my dessert.

The nutella crepe may be the highlight of my experience but having one in Eataly at the Dubai Mall is icing on the cake. The atmosphere is infectious. The vibe is clean, fresh, contemporary, charming; perfect for a perfect day.

More about Eataly:

The brand EATALY is the combination of two English words: EAT and ITALY. Eataly is about eating Italian food, but not it’s not just about Italian food. That “Italian” way of indulging at the table is the result of the extent to which Italians enjoy excellent Mediterranean cuisine combined with Italy’s food culture and history, the easy reproduction of many dishes of poor origin, along with many positive influences that Italian cuisine has gained from abroad over history (for example, with tomatoes and corn coming from America). Eataly’s main goal is to demonstrate that high-quality products can be made available to everyone: easy to find and at affordable prices, but that’s not all. Eataly wants to communicate faces, production methods and stories of people and companies who make the best Italian high quality food.

Eataly’s brand was born by aggregating a number of small companies operating in the food compartment. It encompasses the famous durum wheat pasta from Gragnano, Piedmont’s egg pasta, mineral water from the Marittime Alps, Veneto and Piedmont’s specialties, Ponente Riviera Ligure oil, Piedmont’s fassone meat, and traditional Italian cheese and cold cuts. Since its first opening, Eataly has been able to offer the best artisan products at reasonable prices by creating a direct relation between producers and distributors, and focusing on sustainability, responsibility and sharing.


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