I have travelled the world looking for the best cup of coffee and by that I mean I have made it a point to try out as many cafes from every holiday destination I’ve been to. I didn’t get on a plane to go looking for that cuppa if that’s what you thought.

And likewise at home, I google cafes regularly and do my best to check out a new one every weekend, to see if their coffee does it for me. I’m a long black kinda girl and while I admit finding a couple of kickass coffees on this tiny island, which made me go back for more, last week I found THE COFFEE which will make me go back FOREVER! I’m talking about jamaicablue fine coffees. Oh my God! I remember the second I laid eyes on their counter at Raffles Link, I was compelled to grab a cup. It was one of the best decisions I’d ever made in my life. To finally say I found the best coffee, the coffee for me, the coffee which takes my blues away, has left me in a state of euphoria.

Here’s some information about Jamaica Blue:

“It has been built on two simple bereft that have guided as in everything that we’ve done: a belief in sourcing the very best coffee; and a belief in using only fresh, premium ingredients to deliver contemporary cafe dishes with a twist. Our name, Jamaica Blue, is drawn from the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica, one of the best coffee producing regions in the world and home to our exclusive Wallenford Estate’ Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Our simple philosophy of great coffee and food, together with our passionate crew of chefs, baristas and service team are the Jamaica Blue recipe for continued success. From our humble beginnings twenty-odd years ago, we now have a growing international network of more than rxo cafes in Australia, New Zealand China the United Arab Emirates Singapore Malaysia and the United Kingdom.”

Find out the rest here – http://www.jamaicablue.com.sg

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