My best friend told me about Tiong Bahru Bakery a couple of months ago when her fiancé and her came down from Perth for a visit. Her fiancé, originally from Italy, built a successful F&B business in Perth when he moved there hence his opinion on all things F&B is taken quite seriously.

This is a guy who knows his coffee and croissants. I knew I had to check it out because my best friend said it was their favourite place to grab a good cup of coffee when they’re down.

But I got busy and forgot all about it till my husband’s friend recommended it to him as well. THEN I remembered. So after stalling for so long because of work and all the other excuses we give ourselves, my husband & I finally decided to go yesterday.

It was pretty crowded for a Sunday evening in a not-so-convenient location. As we pulled up, both of us felt like we drove back in time, into old Singapore. The cafe is nice and cozy while at the same time vibrant. A cool unique combination, if you know what I mean. It was easy to order and our orders reached us almost immediately, which is perfect for busy people who like it fast.

However, to our surprise, we weren’t as blown away with the coffee or food as we thought we’d be. Don’t get me wrong, it was all good but it was not as fantastic as we made it out to be in our heads. I think we had unrealistic expectations. Maybe because it came highly recommended by 2 foodie couples. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the experience and would go back for sure. It’s good for a date with the spouse or close friend.

Oh and by the way, have the MAGIC coffee if you need to pull an all nighter. I haven’t slept since.

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